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Fashion is a mechanism of my self expression and has always been a great passion of mine.

I use my work as a voice to address social and political issues that are merged into our lifestyles. Currently venturing into the taboo of homelessness in London, I am contrasting 'a love for the footie' held within council estates, with how much money is pumped into this sector. Looking into hooliganism and This Is England as exterior influences I have created a project that is an exploration into the 'Concrete Jungle' where what team you support, matters. Instead of how big your house is. 

Realism is something that heavily persuades my work. I get my inspirations from around me and things I believe should be spoken about. My work is a personal reflection of the challenges we face today. I am not looking to recreate what's been done, I'm here to question everything that is going on around our busy commutes through fashion, design and experimentation. 

About Me: Bio
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